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The Downfalls

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The Downfalls are a San Francisco indie-rock trio that wraps the sweat-dripping riffage of post-punk powerpop around a creamy melodic guitar center, all glazed over with a thick swam-of-angry-bees-in-your-face fuzz bass and tom-tom fury. The band has been a Featured Artist on (where they have been downloaded over 40,000 times) and has brought their high-energy “RAWK” show to stages throughout the Bay Area.


Janine Rae

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San Francisco's Janine Rae is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter with a strong vision of creating songs that are unafraid to look at the heart of relationships and society. Musically and lyrically, she contrasts direct honesty with sudden vulnerability, and the result is captivating.


The Bluegrass Revolution

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Jesse is the flatpicking guitarist and vocalist for the Oakland based string band, The Bluegrass Revolution. The Revolution blend hints of bluegrass, alt-country, gypsy jazz, blues and progressive acoustic music all with the traditional sounds of the acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass. With roots firmly planted in the progressive acoustic music tradition, The Bluegrass Revolution brings an engaging, high energy live performance to audiences across California.


The Illness

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When you come to see The Illness, you don't come to chill. Lead singer Josh Viers made this abundantly clear when he took the stage and started yelling at all the Kimo's patrons who were standing around and idly sipping drinks. But make no mistake; it is Viers who demands the most attention. Like a puppet to its master, he let the aggressiveness of the music control his nervous system. He was a dynamo…

"Thanks to our lessons I am able to sustain longer notes more confidently and consistently, not to mention my throat doesn't hurt at all the day after a brutal show. Now that's really a pretty amazing achievement.

Before I started doing our lessons regularly I just got used to my throat being totally raw after a gig. So, thanks again for your outstanding help. It is making such a noticeable difference that I can easily imagine going on tour for weeks with little concern for damage to my voice." --Josh Viers

Check out The Illness' new video here: Lengua de la Muerte



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Everwise is an up and coming South Bay based alt rock alt country band featuring Anthony Valdez on vocals. Their first EP has been extremely well received and you can find the band at such Bay Area venues as the Café Du Nord.



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Medevil Knievel is a San Francisco based rock outfit comprised of Paul Roybal, Joel Proto and Britt Pennella. Influenced by the likes of U2, Black Sabbath, The Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen, Medevil Knievel has released on iTunes the EP 'Summmer of Haight' and the single 'Smells Like California'.



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LICK is an alt/metal rock band out of San Francisco CA. They play heavy chord rock that aims to sound loud, larger than life. The Denver Post recently said about LICK’s live show: “Singer Keri Kevorkian fronted their performance with a voice that mixed Grace Slick’s with Cocteau Twins’ Liz Frasier’s at times, and then sheered through the center of your skull at others with the scream of a mythical, tortured banshee.


Dave Armo

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Dave's songwriting has become an endless endeavor which continues to produce new sounds for an ever-expanding catalog that is marked by themes of hope and redemption. In 2004, he released his debut album "Late Night Conversations." Shortly thereafter his song "Mercy Me" was selected to be included on Quickstar Productions' compilation album of up and coming West Coast Songwriters.


The Blank Slates

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The Blank Slates are an alternative indie rock band formerly based in San Francisco, now moved on to New York and Nashville. The Blank Slates came to fruition three years ago when Andrea Iacopini moved to San Francisco, California by way of Bologna, Italy. He was classically trained on violin for over 10 years when he taught himself how to play guitar. While being a member of bands spanning multiple genres, he began writing his own music. Andrea wanted to write music that people could feel. He turned this vision into ‘The Blank Slates’.


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