Group Lessons


Voice Lessons for your entire band are an excellent way to bring everyone’s singing up to similar levels. In a group voice class Jeff will utilize the same voice training techniques that are in his private singing lessons. Working together with your group in singing lessons is a fun way to learn about your voices, find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and work towards the band sound that you desire.

In a group-singing lesson, Jeff will spend about one third of your time on technique; including breath control, vowel formation, and range development. At the end of that period, your group lesson will switch gears and begin working on musical selections of your choosing. These can be songs that you’ve written or songs that your band is interested in working on. Jeff is available to help you fine tune or create harmony parts, work on your ensemble blend, find appropriate keys for the songs to be in, or a variety of other services that can help your group put the best foot forward on your singing presentation.

Jeff Rolka also does group singing classes for individuals that want to get vocal instruction, and prefer to work on their voices in a low cost group setting. These classes are held at the same San Francisco studio as his private lessons and feature limited enrollment in order to insure that each person will receive some individual attention by Jeff.

All classes/singing lessons are recorded digitally for your practice purposes.


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