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... Jeff's versatility in coaching really shone in my lessons with him. He was quick to understand the style of rock/metal I perform, and his agile teaching methods adapted to what I needed in a very short amount of time. My basic understanding of my voice has grown exponentially under Jeff's tutelage, and I feel lucky to have him as a coach.

-Josh Viers from the band 'The Illness'

... Working with Jeff has been a really eye (and ear) opening experience. I've come farther along in two lessons than I have with months of lessons in the past. Jeff has a way of articulating what he wants you to do in a way that's understandable and practical. Also, the lessons have been completely tailored to what I want to accomplish as a singer. Taking the time to ask questions and listen to my music is what really sets Jeff apart from other voice teachers I've worked with. The recordings I've come away with have given me the ability to practice on my own and at the end of the day my progress depends solely on how much work I want to put into it. I won't ever sing again in public without doing the exercises I've learned first. People that have heard me sing before have been approaching me commenting on how much my voice has improved. That in and of itself makes Jeff's teachings worth their weight in gold!

-Anthony Valdez Everwise from the band 'Everwise'

... Jeff has the rare ability to teach his gift. He understands exactly how I want to sound and is able to choose the appropriate exercises and techniques to get me there. He insists that his students develop good habits so that they can achieve excellent vocal control. I hear noticeable improvements in my voice after almost every single lesson. After only a year of studying with Jeff, singing has gone from something I thought I couldn't do to a skill I love to use.

-Nick Hughes

... My experience with Jeff was life changing. I've been a musician my whole life, since the early age. I come from a classical training background but I've never taken voice lesson before Jeff. My voice has always been something I wasn't quite sure about. After I met Jeff everything changed. Since the first lesson I felt really relaxed, confident in my talent and ready to dig deep into it. Jeff made me feel at home since the first minute of my first lesson. With a blend of voice training exercise and polishing and perfecting songs and performance, Jeff's lessons are unique and straight to the core. He's always able to see through your talent, understand what you want to do with it and enhance your strengths. In a year and a half I've been with him I've learned everything I know about my voice, and since that first day, I've felt more and more confident on what I can do with it. Jeff is definitely a rare pearl in the bunch. Don't miss your chance to fully explore and understand your voice inside out. Let Jeff's talent and experience guide you thru using your voice on its full potential, and you won't be disappointed.

-Andrea Iacopini from the band 'Cute Things'

... Jeff is a great teacher—easy-going and patient, but also pushes you to realize your full potential. I’d never studied voice when I started with Jeff, and was a little nervous and ambivalent about whether the lessons would really ‘work’. But after a few months, I can say without hesitation that Jeff’s methods do work. Highly recommended if you have even considered voice lessons

-A.R. from the band ‘Bye Bye Blackbirds'

... Jeff is a fantastic vocal instructor. I have been taking singing lessons for roughly 10 years and after a year and a half off, I discovered Jeff and started going to him. He easily picked up on my strengths and those tricky areas that border on bad habits and personal style and has since helped me devlop those strengths further and infuse those tricky areas that are uniquely me with proper technique. I feel like a much better singer having taken lessons from Jeff. He is ready, willing and more than able to take on the self-conscious beginner and the seasoned pro. He’s open to ideas and is willing to try whatever necessary to help you sound your best. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in exploring singing for the first time and to those singers out there who sing regularly and need some voice maintenance refresher lessons. The voice is a precious instrument, and Jeff knows it well.

-K.C. from the band ‘Lick’

... What separates Jeff Rolka from other voice instructors is his singular ability and willingness to listen to his students. Jeff likes the natural sounds of his students’ voices. His instruction is rooted in a methodology that embraces the individual voice of each of his students, showing them how to highlight the strengths of their voices while providing much instruction on the weaknesses. Additionally, Jeff pays close attention to the expressed ambitions of his students, making their goals his very own. Inevitably, working with Jeff furthers the goals of the student while also catapulting their confidence to the requisite level for optimum performance.

-D.A. Bay Area Singer-Songwriter


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