Voice Lessons in London


Voice lessons in London taken weekly on a one on one basis are the fastest way to achieve results with your vocal training. Individual attention and custom tailored voice lessons using today’s most effective, proven singing instruction methods ensure that your sessions are efficient and provide you with a greater depth of understanding of how your voice works and how you can use it to achieve your goals.

When you come to your voice lesson in London you'll begin by spending one third of your time on technique. This includes posture alignment, breathing (expansion and muscle engagement), tonal onset exercises, vowel formation and resonance, and muscle relaxation.

You will then transition to musical study for the remaining time in your lesson. This can be a song that you have chosen, or Jeff is happy to suggest music to be studied. Songwriters are welcome to sing partially finished materials, their latest new song, or work on a cover that they’d like to understand better. As a former student of Marianne Ploger, Jeff is well equipped to help you better understand the music theory behind any song if you wish.

In just one voice lesson you will understand more about how your voice works. Incorporating singing technique and fine tuning your vocal palette will help you achieve:

• Greater resonance = more power

• Ease of transition through your vocal ranges = more overall range

• More control of vowel formation, which means that you get seamless phrases when you want them, and your voice will be much easier to understand

• A breathing technique that really works, and can transform your phrasing and the ease with which you change registers

• Get a recording of your lesson so that you can practice the concepts and build an archive of materials to reference when you identify issues with your vocal production

Lessons in London take place at The Rehearsal Studios and are £70/hour. Lessons are also available at Schott Music, if that is more convenient. Get in touch for a FREE CONSULTATION before booking.

... Jeff pays close attention to the expressed ambitions of his students, making their goals his very own.Inevitably,working with Jeff furthers the goals of the student while also catapulting their confidence to the requisite level for optimum performance.”

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