Singing Lessons Via Skype


Singing lessons taken via Skype are a fun, convenient and inexpensive way to take singing lessons. Jeff has an innovative approach to using this technology to work with clients around the globe in some ways more effectively than if the singing lessons were in person.

Your singing lesson will have technical and musical aspects to it. You'll work on technical exercises for about a third of your time, and music for the remaining two thirds. Songwriters are encouraged to bring in their latest song or partially completed songs, and those who prefer to work on cover songs can do so in their singing lesson.

In order to make singing lessons via Skype as effective as possible, Jeff will pre-record some singing exercises to get you started. As your lessons continue, specific singing exercises will be recorded in advance, or on the fly and sent to you. Any songs that you wish to sing will be pre-recorded and the backing music sent to you, so there's never a problem with latency over the internet. For those who use GarageBand, the GarageBand file can also be sent, allowing you the opportunity to work with the file outside of your singing lesson.

In even one singing lesson you will understand more about how your voice works, and how you can sound your best in your songs and performances.

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... Jeff pays close attention to the expressed ambitions of his students, making their goals his very own. Inevitably, working with Jeff furthers the goals of the student while also catapulting their confidence to the requisite level for optimum performance.”

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